Blondie's Glass Tag

You will need the Toadies Mosaic blur filter
You can get it here.
Here is the psp plain glass file and
here is the girl in psp format

Install the filter to your plugin filter folder. Just save it in there.
Open the glass image and the girl image or one of your own.

Note the glass is in two layers. That's so you can change the opacity of the glass.
I usually have mine set at about 52%. Minimize for now.

Duplicate the girl image.

Cut the girl image out from the duplicated image. Fill with white.
Mask/from image

and pick the girl image name.  OK

In psp 8 I deleted the mask from the mask layer as shown.


Then I drug off that layer to make a new white mask image.
The the other girl images.

add a light shadow as shown

Copy and paste the girl layer to the glass image.


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