Here is a zip file with the diamond and the base premade.

If you want to make the base yourself,
start with a white oval with a selection.

This is basic Blade Pro, basic gold that comes with blade pro.
Use these settings.

Save the diamond with continous, step 37 random as the setting as a tube.

You will need to scale the diamond to the size of your base.
I resized to about 45 to get the effect I wanted.

The step is the size of the width of the gem. Each placement will be exactly next to each other.
Just hold the button down and move around the outside of the base as shown.

If you make a mistake, just undo and try again. Then add your name.

Covert to raster.

Add a shadow.

Merge visible layers.

Duplicate the layer. X out the layer just duplicated.
Click on the bottom layer, add a star every few diamonds.

Un x the top layer and add a star on alternate diamonds from the 1st layer.
Save as a psp file.

Open in animation shop. CTRL A - right click and set the time.

You should end up with something like this.