Making a Glass Dome
using no extra filters! (PSP8)

Open the image you wish to 'globe'
using the selection tool/ellipse

draw an oval over the image, this will be used as the base.

Click on the bottom layer
If there is no empty bottom layer, add one.
Fill with a gold color  The add an Inner bevel to get the look you want.
.Contract the selection 5 pixels

Invert the selection and cut away the excess from the image.

It should look something like this.

Click on the image layer. Add a layer.
Click on Effects/Artistic Effects
Magnifying Lens.

This is the setting I used.

Click on the frame tab. and set to 0

You should get something like this.

Use the deformation tool and make it fit over your image and base.
Add your name under the dome layer.

Merge visible

and there you are!