This font is Romantically Yours.
Pick the color and size you want your tag to be.
Resizing doesn't look good so set it now.
Duplicate the name layer three times.
Then select the text on the bottom layer. X out the rest of the layers.


one or two pixels

Apply a pretty preset using blade pro.
Here are some nice gold presets.
Click ok.

Click on the next layer (un x it) Keep the marquee active!
apply the same blade pro preset

but click on a different shape. (Shown)
Repeat on the next layer. And click on still another shape.

In turn, give each layer a light shadow.
Note the nice bevel effect contracting 1 or 2 pixels gives.

save as a psp file

Open in animation shop and save as a gif.
I left the default 10 setting per frame.

You should end up with something like this.