Mosaic Blur Background

Here is the girl and the 2 Mosaic Blur Filters.
(A new collection of excellent filters by Ilya Razmanov, alias Ilyich the Toad.
These filters are really cool. Included are two filters for making mosaics. 
Plain Mosaic Blur, Plain Mosaic)
Save the filters to your plugin folder. Restart. The filters will be listed under Toadies.

Open a large image. say 600x700 - I like plenty of room to work with.
Copy and paste the girl to the large image. Duplicate the girl layer. X out the duplicated layer.

Click on the original girl layer.
 Then click for the Plain Mosaic blur filter

This is how I set my settings.

Un x the duplicated girl layer.
and give it a shadow.

Add your name as a layer.
I want the end of the J to be under her leg.

Zoom in and erase just so a bit of the tip shows.

and then erase until it looks like the J is under her leg.

This is not animated.
I saved it with a white background.
Easy huh? :)