Light Rays
Nice Effect huh?? And no extra plug-ins required!

YOU can do this!!
Tis SO easy.

In PSP get the graphic you want and for now
have it have a dark background. Save it, and open it in Animations shop.
The dark BG  makes the light show better.
But I can't wait to see what some of you will come up with!

Effects/ Insert Text Effect

Click on font and set your text. You'll move it later.
If you haven't played with this before, have your setting like mine.

Pick any font you like. You can come back and change it.

If you like the size and style.....that's all we are concerned with right now,
Click on Customize...if not, change the font, size and style till you are
then click on customize when your done.

*Note for later....See Define effect?
You can change this to shorten the play length and frames.
To get the back and forward motion, the frames here will be almost doubled
a bit later in the tut. The more frames, the larger the animation size. Keep that in mind.
I ended up with 1.1 sec and 11 frames, then doubled them.

You can click and drag the box around, it's your text,
and the red/green line is how the light shines. Just play with it.
Change the light color if you like too.

This is what I ended up with.

When you click ok, it will generate.
The first frame in the ones I've done is a plain one, just delete it.

To get the smooth back and forth motion,
CTRL A to select all the frames. CTRL C to copy the frames.
CTRL V to paste the same frames as a new animation.
Then - Animation/Reverse Frames (Shift-R)

CTRL A to select all the frames then CTRL C to copy the reversed frames.
Click on only the last frame of the original animation and click on the icon,
Paste after Current. This will add the reversed frames to your animation.

I ended up with 22 frames. Kinda big, but it looks much better.
Crop any space and re-size down if needed.

Save it and you'll get something like the first image.
Another effect,

Here I took an O placed it over the flashlight and made the rays of light.
I slowed the frames down when the light is shining right at you. Cool huh!

This effect is so easy to do, Here is a light house.

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