Paint Shop Pro 6 and Animations Shop 
makes it SO easy!

We are going to make an animated name tag.

open a new image/transparent background (as always)

300w by 200h

Add your name with the text tool in a color you like

Save it as a PSP file.

File/Run Animation Shop
Open the psp image you just saved.

If you have a blank frame click on it/ it turns active (Blue)
then just cut it away.

Click on the name to make it Blue.
Click on Effects/ Insert Image Effect

Drop the arrow box to see the list of them.
Click on show preview to see what they do.


This is a popular affect.


You can run the effect in reverse if you want.

This is a cool one.

This is Very Cool. But It takes a long time to load.
and usually makes a big file.

You can adjust the effect length and the frames per second.
Play with the setting a bit. See what you can come up with!

When you have the animation the way you want click OK.

You can slide the bar to see the effect in each frame.

Or click on the viewer icon

File Save As.

There you go!