Tutorial 28
Is a do it yourself tutorial!

You've learned quite a bit!
Now I would like you to use fonts and match 
the tubes or images to them. Don't get stuck using
the same font time after time. There are 1,000's of fonts. Use them! :)
Great fonts can be found at www.fontparty.com

Here is a zip file with the following fonts and 
some tubes.
Your challenge should you decide
to take it, (smile) is to make the following tags using 
the things in the zip file. All by your self. 

School Design

Butterfly Design


Coke a Cola Girl
(This is the right font...right?)
It's so long since I've had a glass bottle of Coke!

Fishing Design

 Isn't this one great?! If I do say so myself! :)
To see how to do this one, if you have problems...
scroll down to the bottom.
I didn't have a Sherlock Holmes type image
Ohhhhh I DO have a pipe! I just thought of that. :)

Snowmen Design





Here is how I did the Magnifying Glass....
I took the magnifying glass added a light shadow, erased the 'glass'
made an oval selection and beveled it in eyecandy 4000.
After I added the text, I surrounded the first two letters,
used the deformation tool to enlarge them.