Combining Two or more Animations into One.

I am using the thumbnail feature in this tutorial.
Some of the screen shots are large. I kept them intact,
and made them thumbnails. To see the larger image, just click on it.
Some people may need the full images some may not.

You will need to have two or more animated gifs for this tutorial.
If you want to use the ones I did, right click and save this.
They must be opened in Animation shop.
 If you open them in psp first, they will lose the animation. 

When you open the diddle in Animation shop you will see
it has 2 frames.

Notice in the bottom right hand corner the height and width.
I always make my animations large. I can crop it later.

When you open the large frame, copy and paste
the large blank frame until you have the same number as
your opened animation. Here, two.

Image4.jpg (64337 bytes)

CTRL A to select all frames
(They turn blue) copy the diddle

Image5.jpg (63066 bytes)

Ctrl A the large frames.
Click the Paste Into selected frames,
 the copy of the diddle

Image6.jpg (58573 bytes)

Position the first diddle. The other(s)
will be placed automatically.

Image7.jpg (89070 bytes)

Close the original diddle.

Image8.jpg (87539 bytes)

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