Clown Car Tag

This is a really cool sticker I bought.
I thought it would make a cute animated tag.

Duplicate the layer and erase the wind up handle.
I selected and moved slightly the wind up bar to give the illusion of movement.
And I added a line to show the edge of the wide up handle.

I moved the car up a pixel or two to simulate movement.

I cut out the inside of the tires and rotated them, again to simulate movement.

Merge visible the tires and the car.

I added a puff of smoke from the tailpipe, (on layer two I added two puffs of smoke)
and erased the propeller, adding a line to make it look like it's turning a bit.
Be sure to un-X the layers and save as a psp file.

It looks good just as it is, but lets add a moving name.
save as a psp file then open it in Animation Shop.

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