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Here is a zip file with the above cross stitch frame, flowers, topper, needle and fonts.

If you want to make the frame, open a large transparent image.
Here I made an oval 15 pixels wide. Then used the Sculpture to get this effect.

Click the magic wand inside the oval to select that area, Add a layer,
drag it under layer1. Apply the Splat Patchwork effect.

Add the topper (included)
Merge visible layers.
Add a layer.

Click on the Draw Icon, Freehand, Dash Line Style

Click on the second tab.
Set the options low as shown.
This allows you to keep the hand stitched effect.

Draw a random line. As shown.

Add the flowers, on different layers if you like.
You will merge them here in a minute anyway.

If the flowers are on separate layers, X out the line and hoop, merge visible.
Add a drop shadow to the flowers.

Un-X the layers. You can move the line layer above the flowers if you like.
To give a stitched look to your flowers.
I started out this way but changed my mind and erased the stitches. See below.

Add a layer. Add your name. Merge visible. Save.
You should end up with something like this.

Here is a stitched effect without the hoop.
I like this too!