Lightning Tag

This tutorial uses Xenofex 2 from the makers of Eyecandy.

Save this wizard. Add your name or logo.

Duplicate the whole image.

Apply a white drop shadow to the text as shown.
Only apply the drop shadow to this duplicated image. The original stays plain.

Merge visible the image.

Duplicate this layer a total of 5 times.

X out all layer except the 1st.
Apply the lightning filter. Position the markers over the tip of the wand,
and as far out as you want the lightning to go.

Click each layer in turn and apply the lightning.
Click only on the random seed to get a different bolt each time.

Now copy and paste the plain wizard layer on the lightning layer.

Save as a psp file.


Open in Animation shop.
CTRL A to select all the frames.

Set the general time of each frame.
I have each lightning frame set at 18 to 28

Then the plain frames at a higher number. This gives the lightning frames a Flash effect.
Make the last plain frame a high number so your lightning doesn't flash too fast.
Crop the unused space away. Save as a gif.

I hope you enjoyed this tutorial.