Click on the large letter.
Click on the selection tool.
Surround the letter with the selection tool.

Click ON the letter to select it.
If it doesn't select the right letter,
undo and click on the letter then select it.

Give the letter a shiny gold preset.

Then a light shadow.

If you used 2 large letters, repeat the steps.

Then repeat the steps for the rest of the name.

Now, we are going to intertwine the letters.
if you don't have the letters it's ok.....
Use the basket instead.

Click on the eraser. ZOOM in on the image, close!
I use a 2-3 pixel eraser 0 hardness.

Erase the top to make it appear behind the line.
A real in depth tutorial is the Inside/Out tutorial.

If you erase too  much, as here, undo, drop a pixel or 2.

this is 2 pixel eraser.

I removed the loop from the J.

I erased, 20 pixels/100% hardness, the loop.

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